Birth Doula Services

Click here for a Free Consultation!

Click here for a Free Consultation!

As your birth doula, my commitment to you is that I will do everything in my capabilities to empower you to have a safe and positive birth.

Ultimately it is up to you to ready your body, heart, soul, and mind for the birth of your baby and it would be my joy to support and encourage you along the way!


My Services Include

Free Consultation

This is a "no-strings-attached" chance for us to to explore what our doula-client relationship could look like. I want you to feel the freedom to ask any questions you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Birth is personal and so is hiring a doula! 


Prenatal Visits and Education


2 Prenatal Visits + 1 Flex Visit

Two or three visits before labor where I will provide:

  • Education to assist your decision making regarding your birth wishes.
  • Hands on practice to enhance your labor preparations.
  • A framework to help you emotionally process and anticipate your upcoming birth.
Mel's Labor

Labor Support

Continuous Labor SUpport

Birth can be so unpredictable—even when you are prepared! To support you, I provide:

  • Non-clinical tips for labor progression
  • Hands on guidance for pain-management
  • Encouragement to find strength within yourself and ask questions when you are unsure.
  • Inspiration to advocate for yourself and your baby when presented with options and variables.

Postpartum Check-in

Immediate postpartum Care

Right after your baby is born I:

  • Take pictures and text relatives or friends
  • Make sure you have nutritious snacks and have all the beginning support and help you need 

1-2 weeks later I'll provide a wellness visit to debrief your birth experience with you and provide referrals for postpartum or lactation doulas.


Birth Storytelling

Birth Storytelling Coaching

There is power in the stories we tell. Whether your birth went completely as planned or if it took unexpected twists and turns, learning how to share your experience can be both empowering and an agent of healing. As an optional service, I provide:

  • 1 additional postpartum visit to guide you through questions & the basics of story telling

Rachel’s presence was supportive, helpful, calming, and empowering all at the same time. As labor and delivery were some of the most intimate moments of my life, I never felt like Rachel was imposing or distracting from the process - instead, her presence helped me relax and stay focused!
— Rebekah D

The unique role of a doula is that we have a singular focus. You.

My passion is that you are supported. If your partner is present, I will not replace or disempower them. My support of you can include coaching your partner and empowering them to engage in the intimate, beautiful moments of birth with you.

Nurses, OBs and midwives have a medical priority to you and your baby. Your partner, even if they are well prepared and educated, are more relationally invested with you and the unborn child. The support of a doula can free up medical professionals to engage in their priorities, can create space for partners to experience the emotional ups and downs of labor with you, and can be an anchor of encouragement and consistency to you, the laboring mother.