Jenny h.

I hired Rachel as my doula when I found out she was getting certified as a doula right around the time I was due with my son. I was Rachel's first birth and I was glad that she was by my side during this daunting but exciting time of my life. I wasn't worried that she may have less experience than other doulas I could find, partially because Rachel has been a friend and I trusted her with my life. But most importantly, I felt comfortable with Rachel because giving birth is an extremely intimate experience and I was not interested in hiring a stranger regardless how experienced she may be.

Rachel exceeded my expectations. She was gentle, kind, attentive and supportive. She made sure I was taken care of and respected all my wishes. She was my voice when I was in too much pain to ask for things. She was there with me the whole time. What makes Rachel a good doula is that she cares and she is passionate about helping mothers have the best labor experiences. If I am to have another child, she for sure would be someone I want to have by my side.

Rebekah D.

Rachel was there when I labored and delivered my second baby! As a fellow doula, I can say that her presence was supportive, helpful, calming, and empowering all at the same time.  She is a woman who carries a lot of insight and can read into situations quickly and effectively.  She is extremely helpful without being asked to do anything, and she's also really respectful of your birthing space (both physically and emotionally).  As labor and delivery were some of the most intimate moments of my life, I never felt like Rachel was imposing or distracting from the process - instead, her presence helped me relax and stay focused!  I highly recommend hiring Rachel to anyone who is looking for a birth doula.

Jessica G.

Rachel went above and beyond my expectations for a doula.I only wish I had her with me for my first baby! Before my birth, she was a listening ear and sound board for my ideas and was a great resource. She was super easy to communicate with and helped me feel empowered going into it. We had a couple false alarms, but she was patient and always available. During labor, she brought all these little things I didn’t think of, like music and a little focal point. She was there to encourage and help in any way, but also very good at reading me and my husbands cues. Having her there made all the difference. I could go on and on about all the ways she was thoughtful and insightful! Thank you Rachel! You’re the best and obviously doing what you love!

Rachel was great. She really knew how to be available when needed and when to step back. She was respectful of the medical team and professional. Having a doula was my wife’s idea, and while I was skeptical at first, in hindsight I’m extremely happy that she was there. She supported us, gave us ideas for managing pain, and helped to bring a calm, objective voice to the delivery room. I don't think it could have gone any smoother if we had planned it.

Kyle G.